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United Helping Hands Outreach (UHHO)

Reclaiming Lives Worldwide!

Lets make a difference in the lives of others, please give today! No amount is too small.






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Emergency Preparedness



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Emergency Response


Feeding Your Hunger


Food Drive


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Hurricane Preparedness


Emergency Response

(Local & International)


Project NOW (CERT)


Darfur Mission







Photo: World Food Program

Women queuing for food at WFP food distribution, Kasab camp, N Darfur

NO Food Pantry Distribution this month.

 Please continue to check back (via this web site)

for updates and more information.

Thanks for your support.



Feed the HUNGRY.  Help the  HOMELESS.  Assist DISASTER VICTIMS. Love and support CHILDREN & ORPHANS.


Local Hunger Relief - “Feeding Your Hunger”

Since 2011 to present, we have distributed
thousands of  pounds of food to those in need.


Events: Global Emergency Response & Hunger Relief



DONATE today!

Our priority is to Help those that Need Help across this nation and worldwide.


From feeding those that are hungry to providing basic daily needs.


We are a faith based non-profit organization that have many departments and projects at hand to assist those in need. From distribution of FREE nonperishable food to providing shoes to indigent persons, establishing a resell shop, rebuilding deprived communities - just to name a few.  Please consider giving today.


A life helped today may be able to help others tomorrow.


Click on our events link to find out active and future projects.

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HIV/AIDS - Prevention is the Cure


HIV/AIDS is on the rise every day, but together we can make a difference.  Protect yourself and others from this silent killer. Be proactive and choose the right prevention method.


                      Prevention Methods:

                                       - Abstinence (abstain from sex)

                                       - Practice safe sex by using condoms

                                       - Get tested frequently

                                       - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)


“HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It weakens a person’s immune system by destroying important cells that fight disease and infection. No effective cure exists for HIV. But with proper medical care, HIV can be controlled. Some groups of people in the United States are more likely to get HIV than others because of many factors, including their sex partners, their risk behaviors, and where they live. This section will give you basic information about HIV, such as how it’s transmitted, how you can prevent it, and how to get tested for HIV.” CDC.gov

HIV Basics                 Facts about HIV/AIDS